Under the Big Dipper

shadows, but as their eyes became accustomed to the flickering light they saw with surprise the excellent arrangements that had been made for their comfort. Two strong but soft and yielding couches ran lengthwise along the floor of the wagon, with a space between them. In the corners were a number of downy pillows, while from the canvas covering hung two robes of fur.

Helène was delighted. “See, Princess,” she exclaimed, “see what a cozy place we are in.” The Princess lay huddled, sobbing softly. “Oh, dear lady, do not give way. Come, rest yourself on this couch.” She lifted the girl as best she could, laid her on one of the boxes and covered her with one of the robes. “There is nothing to be afraid of.”

“I am not afraid, dear Helène,” said the Princess, “but the suddenness of all that has happened has unnerved me. I’ll be quite well again soon.”

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