Under the Big Dipper

The flash of a lighted match flared in and the odor of a cigar was wafted to them on the breeze. How good it was to smell the fragrance. It meant a man, and a man meant protection. The next moment Morton’s cheery voice came through: “Make yourselves comfortable, ladies. You’ll find everything you want. Take my advice and get a sleep.”

Helène thanked him and said they would. She went back to where the Princess lay and saw with satisfaction that she was sleeping. Without, the storm seemed to have renewed its fury. The rain beat on the canvas, the wheels groaned and crunched, the wagon lurched from side to side in its heavy progress, and the swish of water poured from overhanging trees. Helène had now grown accustomed to these sounds. She looked at her watch and noted with surprise that it was but just gone eight. They had been only two hours on their journey—two hours that had seemed to her like two days! She felt very

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