Under the Big Dipper

removing quickly the remains of the dinner and disappeared.

The Princess was smiling happily now. “Dear Helène,” she said, “I was very wrong. I ought to have known that you knew best. Please forgive me!”

Helène pressed her friend’s hand with happy tears in her eyes. “The Holy Virgin,” she said, “will protect us, and Mr. Morton is a gentleman.”

Punctual to the minute John came in and found them ready to continue their journey. Helping them into their place of refuge, he carefully closed the rear flaps and resumed his seat by the side of Papiu. Once more the cart took up its rumbling and the wheels their crunching. The road was hilly, and the four horses strained and pulled, urged on by the driver and a man who sat astride one of the leaders. The girls lay comfortably covered and snugly embedded on their couches, but the steep incline caused them to slip

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