Under the Big Dipper

perfectly happy and deeply thankful for the success which so far had followed him in this undertaking. It had been a day of no little anxiety; for, in spite of the cheerfulness he assumed before the girls, he had had, it must be confessed, many qualms. The Princess was an unknown quantity to him, and he did not know but that she might be difficult to manage. His hope lay in the Comtesse—in Helène—he dwelt lovingly on its syllables as he murmured the name softly. She was a great girl, he kept saying to himself—a great girl. What lovely eyes she had! And her smile—Ah! her smile—it was like golden sunshine after rain. He puffed at his cigar and found it had gone out.

Then the rider on the leader gave a loud grunt, and Donald’s voice came to him, calling out, “Whoa, boys, Whoa!”

Papiu had reigned in his horses, and the cart came to a full step with a shock.

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