Under the Big Dipper

with tablecloth, plates and eating utensils was in the center of the room, giving it a homelike and inviting air. Helène walked to the door, and in her clear, ringing voice called out:

“We are ready, Mr. Morton!”

Instantly, almost, it seemed to her, John appeared, and greeting both girls, he led them to their places at the table. Papiu entered with a bountifully loaded tray, and the meal was begun under his grinning waiting. He beamed on them all as if there were no higher duty than service. John took the occasion to tell the girls of their present situation.

“We are quite safe here,” he assured them. “The men and I were out at daybreak exploring the country, and I was glad to find that the tracks of the wheels have been quite covered up. We took the precaution, however, to cut the telegraph wires on the other side of the valley, so that no communication can be sent to the border on

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