Under the Big Dipper

in ignorance.”

“You were very kind and thoughtful, Mr. Morton. I assure you I can never forget what you have done.”

Helène looked delighted at the happy outcome of this the first real meeting between her beloved Princess and Mr. Morton. Her face was all roses and her eyes beamed the emotions she was feeling.

“And now everything will be all right, won’t it?” she asked jocularly. They all laughed, as they rose from the table.

John explained that it was necessary for him to leave them now for an investigation as to the next stage of their journey, but he would see that Donald and Papiu remained behind to keep guard. He would go with Mihai. If they liked they could sit on the porch running along the south side of the cabin, but in that case they must be careful to wear their fur coats. He then shouldered his rifle and was soon seen to disappear in

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