Under the Big Dipper

Chief. And when this feller—a fine-looking old chap with whiskers like Moses—comes up—‘Can I talk to all o’ your people for about five minutes?’ says he. The Chief just stares, asks Achmed—that’s our servant—a thing or two—and then gives a call like a foghorn. Out come a crowd o’ men, big and small, old and young, and they all lined up behind him without sayin’ a word.

“And then John Morton asks them to step up to the hollow into the shade of the rock—it was gittin’ mighty hot by that time—he just stands up on a boulder, leans on his rifle not caring any more than if he were in Euclid Park—in Cleveland, you know—and he says to the Chief: ‘I’ll say what I got to say in English, and I want you to translate it to your people.’ And the old man nods and grunts somethin’, an’ my boss—he goes on. And he tells ’em all right! ‘I have come here a stranger,’ says he, ‘to be a neighbor to you; I am peaceful. I don’t bother about you and I mind my own

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