Under the Big Dipper

business. Now I want you to do to me as I am doin’ to you! Somebody, last night, took my tools and instruments, and I need them in my work—and I want ’em back! If any of you men is in need—you can come to me and if I can help ye—I will! If you need food—I’ll share mine with you. If you are in trouble and I know a way out—you can have my assistance. But I won’t allow any man to steal my things, and I am a feller you want to leave alone. I never wronged anybody—but neither will I permit any man living to do a wrong to me.’—Then he motions to the Chief and the old man he translates it to his people.”

Don stopped out of sheer breathlessness; his enthusiasm had carried him at a rapid pace, while the girls, fascinated, bent over, devouring every word. He paused long enough to relight his pipe and send out a few mouthfuls of his beloved golden-leaf smoke. Its pungent odor came to the girls’ nostrils and added to

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