Under the Big Dipper

the reality of the mental pictures they had built out of his narrative.

“You ought to have seen him—standin’ there among those savage people, alone against a hundred—but as steady as a rock and as cool as a cucumber! Not an eyelash did he move! I wasn’t sure what would come next—but I guess Mr. Morton, he knew. He looked fine! I wish his father could ha’ seen him! The old man always was proud of his boy—as he had a right to be. He used to say to me: ‘Don, I want my boy to be a man first and a gentleman after!’ And I guess Mr. John is both, and both to the limit.”

He paused and gave a reminiscent stare into the infinite space above him. A few thoughtful pulls at the pipe followed by a copious discharge of saliva and he proceeded with his tale:

“Well—after the Chief had finished, two young fellers just drawed their burnooses a bit tighter over

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