Under the Big Dipper

their faces and sneaked off. A minute later they brought the instruments, laid them down before Mr. John, and, walking with their heads bent in shame, they passed before the Chief. The old priest he just looked dark and grieved and waved them off without a word. Then he up and walks to John, hands him bread and salt and says: ‘Noble stranger, my people and me are humbled by your just complaint. Hereafter you needn’t lose sleep over my men; none of ’em will ever wrong you again, none of my people will do anything toward you that he don’t want you to do toward us. If we can do anything to please you—say the word—we are your slaves. And Mr. John—he took the bread and salt. Then we mounted the horses and rode home. Our servant, he carried the instruments and after that—none of them fellers came within a big spell of our camp! Those Arabs know a man when they see him pretty damn quick, I guess!’”

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