Under the Big Dipper

from some most unknown part of a distant world, and yet, strange to say, she was quite happy! Would anyone ever believe her if she told the tale? Stowed in a wagon equipped like a gipsy’s caravan, in the dark storm and driving rain, dreading discovery every instant! And the arrival at the hidden house under the whispering trees, still under the calm protection of a strange man who provided everything and seemed to rule even the elements. It was all so wonderful! And how good and brave he was!

“Miss Helène, may I sit and talk to you?” Her face turned scarlet as if he had heard her thoughts. She stammered and attempted to rise. “Pray, don’t disturb yourself, Miss Helène. You have selected a charming spot, and if you will permit me, I’ll join you in your retreat. But first take this robe; the air is damp here.”

Morton came up to her with steady, quick steps. Helène scarcely dared to look.

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