Under the Big Dipper

“Oh, Mr. Morton, I don’t mind them at all. You are very kind and thoughtful. We are under a deep obligation to you.”

“Please forget the obligation. Just be brave and help the Prin— I mean Miss Marie, to keep her courage, and we shall soon be out of this forsaken land. May I adjust your rug? Ah—now you are snug and comfortable.”

“Thank you. It is delightful to sit here and watch the brook. Isn’t the contrast between the pure white on the ground and the deep green of the trees striking?”

John assented. “This is as beautiful a spot of mountain scenery as I have ever seen. The Carpathians are far wilder than I imagined. I have never been in these Eastern sections of Europe. This fine Alpine landscape equals that of Switzerland and the Tyrol. Do you know this country well, Miss Helène?”

“Not very well. Three years ago my father took me to Kimpola at the foot of the Negoi, our highest peak, you

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