Under the Big Dipper

know. The mountains there are covered with snow and ice all the year round; the slopes are very steep and rocky, devoid of all vegetation. It is far more attractive here.”

It seemed providential that he had come at this time; her doubts could be satisfied—why not take courage and ask him to explain?

“Mr. Morton—may I ask you some questions?”

She tried to look unconcerned though inwardly she was greatly agitated. Would he resent her presumption?

“My dear Miss Helène, I am quite at your service.” On his open countenance she could not read the mental reservation he had registered in his thoughts; she might ask, but he would tell her only what was good for her to know.

“First, then, allow me to apologize for my rudeness to you upon our second interview. I—I was very much agitated and—I felt humiliated that a stranger had been

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