Under the Big Dipper

sent to us to succor the Princess. Even now I cannot understand why one of our own cavaliers had not come forward on behalf of his monarch’s niece.”

In the pause that ensued a deep frown puckered the young man’s brow. Helène continued: “I am in the dark as to what happened at the Capital, but our army and our court boasted of many a noble devoted to their King; I—I do not know what to think, what to say!—Mr. Morton—I hope you are not offended at my foolish questions?”

John looked at her steadily with eyes serious, his face alight with sympathy. “Pray, Miss Helène, do not disturb yourself about feelings; but take my advice and let well enough alone! It might be better not to inquire too curiously. What need you care what happened at the Capital, or what motives have prompted the inaction of your Roumelian cavaliers? Be brave and patient—and when we are once across the border

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