Under the Big Dipper

line—why—you may ask all the questions you like. Think now only of Transylvania and safety.”

“Mr. Morton—how long have you known my father?”

“I have not known the General very long, but I have known him long enough to have obtained his confidence. Evidently, I was the most available man for the job—I mean the plan, and—here I am. Are you dissatisfied with me?”

Helène colored deeply, raising her hand almost as if in supplication. “Oh, Mr. Morton—please! You have been so kind, so considerate, that I scarcely know what to say. The Princess feels as I do. But she also feels so forlorn, so abandoned by her own people that she can only wonder how you came to be our protector.”

“Comtesse—pardon the slip—Miss Helène, please do not dwell on that. Of the affairs of Roumelia and the Count I know but little. I am here but for one purpose,

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