Under the Big Dipper

“The men are clearing the short stretch of lane that leads from the road to our camp here. The road itself is in very fair state. The moon rises about midnight, and if sufficiently light we shall start at that hour. If very cloudy, or if it snows or rains—I wouldn’t care to travel. It wouldn’t do to light lanterns; we might run into a patrol or something like that, and would be seen before we had warning. I have examined the road and country with Mihai, some kilometers to the north of us; the brothers know the country thoroughly. Still—I would wait another day, if necessary, rather than risk all by undue haste.”

The thoughtful blue eyes looked confidingly into his, and John decided that prudence had indeed become a virtue.

“We are quite safe here, Comtesse, and could remain undetected for days. Still I hope it will be clear to-night and that we can start. As it is, we shall have to rest the

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