Under the Big Dipper

horses about half-way. We must cover the last stretch in the dusk or at night. Mihai, who is an experienced woodsman, suggests that even a light cloudiness should not prevent us from starting. You remember, Comtesse, that the men had a little mishap with their reserve horses, and that we have no relay between here and the Pass; and, of course, horses are all-important to us just now.”

Voices from the wood drew their attention.

“Hello, here come the men; I had better see them at once. Do you wish to go in, Miss Helène? At three o’clock,” consulting his watch, “we shall call you to dinner. Thank you for a pleasant hour, Comtesse; I hope I haven’t bored you.”

“I enjoyed our chat immensely—and thank you ever so much, Mr. Morton.”

The afternoon meal was very much like the breakfast, and consisted mainly of canned meats and

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