Under the Big Dipper

She was without clothes or money! How did people get these things? She stared into the gloomy recesses of the darkened room and shivered, oppressed, afraid. The Princess could neither help her nor clear up her doubts—the poor child knew less than she did herself. Was ever anyone so forlorn, so abandoned?

Then her pride and her natural energy came to her assistance. She must think—and she could not think in this prisonlike room. She would go out, and breathe the night air, and pray—pray for enlightenment. “Oh, father,” she sobbed, “why do you not come for me?”

With her rug about her she crept to the door and, cautiously opening it, peered into the darkness of the adjoining space. Not a sound was to be heard. She closed the door behind her and moved swiftly towards the exit leading into the open and stepped out onto the porch.

There was light enough by which to distinguish the

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