Under the Big Dipper

in timid gasps. “I couldn’t sleep. I was restless and unhappy, and I thought I would sit outdoors a while. I am sorry if I have disturbed or startled you—I shall go right in!”

Morton threw away his lighted cigar and went towards the house.

“My dear lady, what is the matter?” With quick steps he reached her and took a limp little hand protectingly into his own. “You haven’t startled me. Of course—if you could not sleep—I know how stuffy the room is. Is the Princess asleep?”

“Yes, sound asleep, poor darling; but I couldn’t rest.”

“Come, Miss Helène, let me arrange a seat for you here on the porch. Sit down and rest yourself.” Suiting his action to his words, he removed the bundles from the bench, pulling his seat somewhat nearer to the edge of the flooring, spread the blankets that had covered the packages over the boards, and leading Helène to it

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