Under the Big Dipper

“It is, indeed, Miss Helène. Even I, who have lain awake numberless nights, the entire dome and horizon free and unobstructed above me—have never seen it more gorgeous. For me the night skies always have a curious charm—the lure as of a mystery—they fill me with unknown longings. I believe I could easily become a devotee to the worship of the starry heavens.”

Without knowing, perhaps without even realizing it, he had taken hold of the extended hand of the girl, and drew it gently to himself in a light and tender grasp. Helène was utterly unconscious of his action; she was so happy.

“They have a strange power over me,” she whispered rather than spoke the words. “I could sit and look at them and forget everything else.”

Morton’s voice, equally subdued, whispered back: “Is it not your own famous Queen, the poetic and noble ‘Carmen Sylva,’ who says: ‘The night has thousands of

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