Under the Big Dipper

had excited in Morton, would look at him, from time to time, silently thank him with a smile and a grateful glance, gladly accepting the helping arm he proffered. Her little hand rested there with easy confidence, the while her silvery laughter rang out in the clear air when the obstacle had been overcome or avoided. And all the way John kept thinking: “I have found the pearl of the land—I have found her and am taking her home—home to comfort and love. Do you love me, my queen? Shall I win you in the end?”

At that moment, a low exclamation of warning came from Mihai who was leading the tired horses. John and Helène looked anxiously before them and saw the advance guard holding up his rifle and waving his hand. Donald also was motioning to Morton to come forward. Urging Helène gently into the wagon, John seized his rifle and bounded forward. He found the men crouching behind a rock and learned that Papiu had

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