Under the Big Dipper

be but a woodsman’s run. It was thickly carpeted with pine needles and wound its narrow way through a dense growth of hemlock, as far as the eye could see. They drove for some time in silence, crossing a few shallow streams and arrived at last at the foot of a rocky height which rose sheer. Here they came to a halt, and Morton informed Helène and the Princess that they were to stop here for rest and refreshment.

Baskets were quickly unpacked and a substantial repast was spread out before the weary travelers. The girls ate in anxious silence while Morton explained to them that the men had gone merely to clear the road. They could hear, from where they were sitting, the sound of wood being sawn and the occasional breaking of branches. After what seemed to the girls an endless time, the men returned and Morton announced that they would shortly continue their journey—but this time on foot. The men knew of a foot-path over the

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