Under the Big Dipper

mountains along which it would be more prudent to travel than on the highway, and a tramp of nine or ten kilometers would bring them to the main road along the Aluta and across the divide into Transylvania. Morton explained all this cheerfully and said they must travel with light baggage—the most necessary things only.

The girls gladly assented and in a short time they had made their preparations for the journey. Mihai, who had left a short time before, now returned and mounting the wagon, drove off following the woodsmen’s road. As soon as he was out of hearing Papiu rose and in response to a nod from Morton, struck out to the right, carefully skirting the ledge. Donald followed with the girls behind him and John brought up the rear. In this Indian-file fashion they advanced through the timber, slipping occasionally over the thick carpet of pine needles, but making good

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