Under the Big Dipper

Donald would put his arm around her and almost carry her up bodily. Helène, pale and staggering, found Morton’s ever ready arm to aid her and his quiet cheerful smile to encourage her.

The climb once begun they dared not stop. So up, up they went and after an hour or two the sun became visible through the light haze which an icy wind was dissipating. Before them appeared a horizontal ledge and on this the exhausted girls lay down, panting for breath. Morton decided to remain here for a space so as to allow them to recover themselves. He was deeply distressed to witness their prostrated condition. He ordered the men to unroll and spread the rugs on the ground for the better comfort of the Princess and Helène.

From his blouse he drew the soft, fur-lined boots the girls had worn in the cabin, and displaying them, said with as much cheer as he could muster: “Here, brave

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