Under the Big Dipper

ladies—here is comfort for your feet!” With faint glad cries they seized them and managed with a little difficulty to exchange them for the hard leather boots which had sorely rubbed their delicate feet. Soon the color had returned to their pale faces and Morton was rewarded by seeing them embrace each other with tearful smiles. He seized the opportunity to further encourage them by telling them that the worst of the journey was over. “Another ascent of 160 meters,” he said, “and then the easy descent to the smiling plains below. Let me know when you are sufficiently rested and we will start.”

Princess Marie tried to smile through tears which were now freely coursing down her pale cheeks. “You ought not to be burdened by me, sir. I feel I shall be the cause of your being overtaken—I am putting all of you into jeopardy!” Crying, Helène put her arms about the Princess and begged her to be of good courage. All

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