Under the Big Dipper

would be well, soon.

Morton waited in silence, knowing that Helène would succeed where he must fail. When he saw that the Princess had somewhat recovered, he said: “Dear lady, I assure you the worst is over. It is my duty and my honor to protect you and lead you both to safety. As soon as Mihai rejoins us we shall make better progress. There, upon that little ridge,” pointing ahead, “we shall rest once more and before long we shall be at the divide. You have done nobly, Princess.”

Helped by Helène, Marie rose, smiling through tears, and finding her limbs would support her, said bravely: “Thank you, Mr. Morton, I shall manage now.”

The men rolled up the rugs, and the party, taking the same order of march as before, resumed the climb.

Patiently and silently the girls trudged along; the path had become almost undistinguishable, but the footing was much firmer and easier. The ascent,

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