Under the Big Dipper

The girls turned their eyes to where Morton had pointed and saw to their astonishment that what they had thought were tent and poles had been unfolded and converted into a strongly constructed stretcher—a heavy canvas sheet suspended between two stout bars.

John spread a rug over it, and, folding another for a cushion at the head, led the Princess to it. In this wise they began the last stage of their ascent.

Mihai took the lead, rifle in the crook of an arm, his older brother and Donald bore the crude palankin; and, as before, Helène and Morton brought up the rear.

The sun was now nearing the western slope, the wind had died down, the air had grown colder, but was bracing and refreshing. They reached the crossroad so dreaded by Morton, advanced over it for some hundreds of paces, and then once more Mihai struck off due north—the continuation of the indistinctly marked path that was to lead them to safety.

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