Under the Big Dipper

noble merit.

The red ball of the sinking sun threw their elongated shadows grotesquely on the rocks gleaming in rosy reflection. The steep parapet of the deep gorge to their left was lit up, showing the fiery glinting narrow ribbon of the river Aluta, winding in a wide sweeping curve beneath them. To their right stretched forth and loomed overpoweringly the commanding peak of snow-capped Negoi against the delicate gloam of the east. And straight before them unrolled hill after hill—slope after slope—the welcome sight of deep evergreen, of rustic brown and sere yellow, the purplish plowed fields and darkening meadows spread out like a checker-board. A needlelike white spire and little bright red-capped dots of houses in the midst told of human life, of comfort and safety.

Mihai had stepped aside from the path so as to allow Papiu and Donald to put down the stretcher and

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