Under the Big Dipper

permit the Princess to alight. He was all smiles and bubbling over with happiness.

The girls stood together in close embrace and followed with eager looks the arm of their guide, who was pointing back and downward.

“El Tornu Ros!”—and they beheld the deeply cut “Red Tower Pass,” the connecting link between the turbulent Balkans and the well-ordered country into which at last they had entered, opening before them like a wondrous gate. It seemed to them that they had conquered fate.

Morton, quietly exultant, approached Papiu and shook the man’s rough and soiled hand. “You have made good, and you are all true and brave men. I freely acknowledge your fine devotion, your quick wit and splendid performance. In addition to the agreed amount each of you will receive two thousand florins. I shall never forget your services. Tell your brother what I

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