Under the Big Dipper

have said, and I shall write to Father Moskar at the earliest opportunity.”

The brothers looked proud and glad, and beamed sheepishly at each other. The words of the “gospodar” had made them happy—the sum they had gained meant independence to them.

John left the men to talk the good news over among themselves, and approached the two girls, who were now resting against a boulder. Cap in hand, his damp hair straggling over his forehead, he looked down and suddenly found himself shy and awkward. The journey over he was no longer their guide. These ladies were noble women—and one a Princess. His words came stammeringly: “Your Highness—Comtesse Rondell—all danger is past——”

Helène was the first to speak: “Mr. Morton, we cannot tell you how much we feel ourselves beholden to you. I hope that a more fitting occasion will offer itself

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