Under the Big Dipper

and the husband of their good sister Amuska. The gracious Gospodinas and Gospodar Morton would be in good hands here and very welcome.

A loud call accompanied by the growling of a sheep dog brought to the door a strapping young woman, whom the brothers greeted with sounding smacks as their beloved niece Rossika, and who was told to hurry and call her mother.

In the cheerfully lighted and warm room the girls sank gratefully into stiff tulip-painted chairs and greedily drank the clear cool water offered them. A roaring fire through the open door of an ovenlike brick stove lit up the place and spread comfort all around. In its warmth the girls brightened and their faces shone with happiness. The comely stout hostess with the leathery weather-beaten face stood looking at them with open mouth and adoration in her eyes. In the next room could be heard Rossika busy with her

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