Under the Big Dipper

his rifle across his knees. The stillness and the glory of the night soothed his tired mind. Now and again he would doze off, but he quickly roused himself. Once again he thought of the strange adventure of the past days. If anyone had told him a month ago that he would be acting the part of a knight-errant he would have laughed in scorn. That he of all men should have done this thing!

He could not help smiling at the situation in which he now found himself. And yet—why not? Would he be deserving the name of a man if he had left these two helpless creatures to their fate? Two—nay, one! And his heart filled with tenderness as he thought of Helène—the beautiful child-woman; so lovely a being, so lovable a girl, so noble a woman. How brave she had been; how splendid in her self-sacrificing devotion to her friend, the Princess! Surely, there was no other like her in this wide world!

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