Under the Big Dipper

What did it mean? Was this love? If it was, then, certainly it had been love at first sight. Strange that he, the practical man of the world, should have so easily succumbed to this mysterious power! What would his father have said to him?

The question was but a natural one, but he did not know that however experienced and worldly-wise a man may be, the heart of him ages less than does the mind. And he had kept his heart pure in spite of the world of business in which his father lived. To the young and pure in heart Love is the one power which must be obeyed; for that is nature’s wonderful way of preserving her own. That is the meaning of woman. Strive as we will in our efforts to escape, unless some ignoble passion such as the craving for gold or power deadens the soul within us, we must serve God; and we can only serve him through Love.

Morton had taken Helène’s photograph out of his

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