Under the Big Dipper

Helène and the Princess had enjoyed the evening fully. Before retiring to bed they had exchanged glad expressions at this happy issue out of their afflictions. Their hearts were full to overflowing with gratitude towards their deliverer. They realized now fully what Mr. Morton had done for them, and could find no words in which sufficiently to express their feelings. The Princess began to quiz Helène about him, but by that time the two were in bed and the light lowered, and Helène was glad of the darkness. She managed, however, to reply to her friend’s remarks in a voice of cold indifference. She thought him rather curt and domineering she said. The Princess laughed quietly and told Helène to go to sleep and dream of knights of old.

Helène said nothing and pretended to go to sleep. It was long, however, before she did sleep. When she awoke, after what seemed to her but a few minutes later, she heard a cock crowing lustily outside. In the low light

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