Under the Big Dipper

enough to cause his heart to leap to his throat and a wave of exquisite emotion to surge over him.

Quickly rising he put on his coat and, before Helène had become aware of his presence, he was by her side.

“Is that you, Comtesse?” he whispered.

“Oh, Mr. Morton, I—I hope I didn’t disturb you. I am so sorry. I was not aware that anyone was up yet——”

“I am afraid I frightened you, Comtesse. I have been around the house and found that our host has been remiss in his duty. Instead of watching he is sound asleep in his bed. Have you had a good rest? I see you are all prepared.”

“Oh, yes, I feel splendidly and I—I am so happy. But, please, Mr. Morton, go back to your sleep. You must be very tired. I’ll go to my room.”

“Don’t go, Comtesse. The day will be breaking soon and we shall have to make ready for our next stage.

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