Under the Big Dipper

Besides—I—am glad of this opportunity to be alone with you.”

The mist was clearing and above the dark timber a golden expanse was heralding the coming of the life-giving sun. Small, fleecy clouds of amethystine hues floated above the snow-clad tops of the Divide, now flushing rose. They seemed like flower petals that had been blown across the sky. In the bare autumnal garden the last flowers, slender feathery stalks of cosmos, stood greeting the dawn in colors matching the coming glory and tiny dew-drops reflected the golden sheen as they glinted on leaves and petals trembling in the morning’s breeze.

Helène’s eyes sought the distant enchantment, not daring to look at the man who had now approached her so closely that he almost touched her. She felt her hand being taken in a gentle grasp. Her heart beat fast; she could feel the pulse beat in her throat.

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