Under the Big Dipper

“Comtesse,” and Morton’s voice was very tender, “the few days of our common purpose, the hardships that brought us together, are now ended. To-morrow you will be in Vienna and with your friends. You will, I hope, soon forget the trials you have endured, the days of anxiety in which I have come to know you. To me they will remain ever unforgettable. You have your way to go and I mine—duties await you as they do me. May I hope that we shall meet again?”

Helène knew not what to say. Her hand trembled in his and her head was bent away from his ardent gaze. She felt his eyes though she could not see them.

“Comtesse, may I ask you to think of me as your friend? I shall come back in this part of the world soon, and if I knew the door of your friendship would still be open for me it would make me very happy.”

Helène had raised her head and was now gazing at the ever brightening horizon.

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