Under the Big Dipper

“Mr. Morton—the Princess and I owe you our freedom, our honor and, perhaps, our lives. Not only my friendship but my eternal gratitude is yours.”

She found courage to turn and look at him, but quickly looked away again.

“Comtesse, it is not gratitude I care for. Will you do me a favor—will you make me a promise?”

Helène looked at him with wide, questioning eyes.

“I want you to tell me—that you will take no important step in the near future until I see you again. Promise me that you will call on me if you need help? Will you do this, for me, Comtesse?”

The deep, resonant tones in which he uttered these words swept over her like the music from a fine-stringed instrument. It brought from her responsive chords which found expression in involuntary sighs. She felt a curious pride and realized that she was happy and inexplicably glad to obey when that voice commanded.

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