Under the Big Dipper

“I promise,” she whispered. Then her voice gathering strength she went on: “I do not know why you should value the friendship of an inexperienced girl, but I am proud that you ask for it.”

Reverently Morton bowed over the little hand he had been holding, afraid to trust his eyes to look at her face, and kissing it softly, released it.

“Thank you—and God bless you.”

Gathering up his rug and rifle he hurriedly left the room. Helène remained motionless for a time, then she slowly turned to the window, on her lips a happy smile and in her eyes a new lustre. The first rays of the now risen sun shot through the serrated tops of the forest and found their straight paths into the embrasure of the window, casting a wondrous light on her dreamy face. Her heart felt light as thistledown. She saw the flowers opening—how beautiful they were! Unconsciously her eyes fell upon the hand he had held—she still felt the

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