Under the Big Dipper

read up the case and I should like to make my report. You know that my practice of late years has been restricted to the traveling public, but I feel I am competent to diagnose fairly accurately.”

“My dear doctor, I have the fullest confidence in your judgment,” with a deprecating gesture.

“I should say that owing to your sojourn in that confounded India your case has been considerably aggravated and has become more severe; it is not now acute or at all serious, but requires careful attention. Avoid excitement and do not undertake anything which will strain your physical powers. I regret that I must be strict with you with regard to your diet and habits. But when you arrive at Brindisi, go to Karlsbad, and in a few weeks you’ll be well enough to take up the affairs of your country.”

“Thank you, doctor. But to me time means the trust and perhaps the fate of others. It is, therefore, more

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