Under the Big Dipper

aroused. It was at one of these that the Princess procured a newspaper. She was eager to learn of what had happened since she had left Padina, and anxiously scanned the columns for news of her country. Suddenly, she uttered a loud exclamation of distress, and Helène, startled, saw her lean back and point to the sheet lying spread in her lap.

“Read this, Helène,” she cried, pointing to the headline: “News from Roumelia.” Helène took the paper and read:

“From Sophia, under date October —, we received the following communication, which evidently escaped the strict censorship. The Divane met on Saturday, October —, and was attended by a majority of the members. The meeting, presided over by Demeter Sturdza, was one of intense excitement throughout. M. Flava, after making an impassioned address, moved a resolution demanding the expulsion of all the

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