Under the Big Dipper

remaining officials of the old régime, unless they took the oath of the new constitution. It asked that the members of the royal family be placed under arrest and tried under the laws as administered by the Triumvirate. The resolution also called for plenary authority for himself and his two colleagues, MM. Balescu and Calorasi. It was carried by virtually the unanimous vote of the assembly, and President Sturdza was compelled to sign the warrants presented. Great excitement still prevails in the capital.

“Reports from Padina, so far unconfirmed, state that the Princess Marie-Louise has disappeared with the Comtesse Rondell, her lady-in-waiting. It is said that the disappearance of the two ladies was connected with the arrival of a party of some forty foreigners, who came to Padina ostensibly on a prospecting visit to oil-lands and for the purchase of horses. These people bought a number of blood animals and disbursed fabulous sums

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