Under the Big Dipper

promise given me at our last conversation together. You will not forget, will you, to call on me if you need help? I want to remain your friend, if you will permit me. This is my card; it will tell you where you can reach me at any time. Send me word and I will come. And here also is a package from your father. It contains such funds as you will need until Count Rondell joins you at Weimar.”

Helène took the card and package and laid them listlessly on the table on which stood the vase of flowers. An unknown fear had suddenly taken possession of her; she experienced a dread of dangers yet to come, and knew not how to account for it. Her father—what of him? Would she ever see him again? And this gentleman—would she ever meet him again? Morton’s voice came to her as if from a long way off.

“Dear lady, I have nothing more to say, except that I must tell you that my meeting you has been a great

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