Under the Big Dipper

her? It was as if they were reminding him of the greater duty he had left unfulfilled—the duty he owed to his own heart’s promptings.

Why had he not taken her with him? She would have been so tenderly cared for by his mother and by sister Ruth. And he had left her—with no friends to protect her, with no one near to whom she could turn in her loneliness or distress!

And what if her father died? Who would tell her the sad news? How would she be able to bear up should she hear of it in the cold words of a telegram? Thank heaven, he had Tyler to help him. He would provide for that, at any rate.

Should he write to her from London and offer her his heart and hand? He began thinking of the possible outcome of such an action on his part. If he did write, was there not the danger that she might refuse him without her father’s consent? And suppose he heard in

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