Under the Big Dipper

the meantime that Count Rondell was dead, how could he dare to plead his own cause at a time of such distress? Surely her heart and mind would be closed to him, then! What a quandary he was in!

Thinking thus, he lost himself in a tangle of his own weaving. It seemed as if he were beset by worry and anxiety from all sides. Look which way he would, he found illness, trouble and portending disaster there. Of what value to him his wealth and education in this present predicament? He was up against it, as he put it to himself.

What had Tyler, his father’s old friend and experienced man of the world, what had he said to him? “Never forget, my boy, that not one of us can escape the rules of life as the world lays them down. The very restraint of the conditions is salutary, aye, even for the freedom of choice we occasionally must exercise. Our rights would cease to be rights were it not at the price of

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