Under the Big Dipper

the corresponding duties. If a man thinks he can cheat life—evade the rules—he’ll find he is only cheating himself.”

Duties? Ah, yes, Tyler was right. His duty must come first—and he owed that to his father and to his anxious mother. If the Comtesse Helène could not bear up before that test—why—he must lose her. He rose excitedly and raised the window. The night air rushing in cooled his hot head. He stood for some moments breathing in deep gulps of it as if it were allaying a great thirst, staring stonily into the darkness.

By God, no! He would never lose her. The window closed with a crash and he threw himself once more on the cushions. Never, for an instant, would he doubt her. It was up to him—everything was up to him. He must be a man—or he was not deserving of her. And she, oh, she was worth the winning! Thus determined, he slept heavily and awoke the next morning to the

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