Under the Big Dipper

“How do, Harry!”

The two exchanged cordial and prolonged handshakes.

“Well, upon my soul, Jack, old man, you’ve not changed nearly as much as I expected. You look perfectly civilized. Where have you been and why are you leaving us so quickly? We surely will have a couple of days together, eh? How’s the governor and Mrs. Morton? What do you hear from Ruth?”

“My dear Harry, you are asking for my biography. I came here from Egypt and I must leave to-morrow for home because father has had a serious accident in a mine elevator. Mother and Ruth report being well. Are you satisfied, now? I suppose you are still on deck at the Embassy? But you look fine—quite like a Britisher. Still the same old Harry, though, eh?”

“The same, I guess. Same job, too,—a bit closer to the chief, perhaps, and a bit of raise in the salary. But,

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