Under the Big Dipper

splendid home of the Hoarders. John enjoyed the novelty of the place—its refined atmosphere appealed to him. The dinner was excellent and excellently served. It was his first real taste of civilization in two years. The two friends chatted and gossiped over old times and new. John was treated to a good deal of politics and not a few instances of the Chief’s peculiarities. Evidently, it was not all beer and skittles at the Legation. He was not much interested really, though he gave Stillman the politest attention and sympathy. But he could not put out of his mind the many matters which just then were weighing heavily on him. The very brilliancy of the room with its coruscating crystals and heavy crimson and gold draperies served but to accentuate the difference between his own present situation and that of the dear girl he had left alone and friendless. He would write that letter to Tyler immediately he got back to the hotel.

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