Under the Big Dipper

Times, the New York Herald and the Sphere, respectively. Their spokesman, a Mr. Worcester, begged permission to explain their seeming intrusion. Morton nodded his willingness to listen.

“Mr. Morton,” he began briskly, “we have been advised of the arrival in Vienna of Her Royal Highness Princess Marie-Louise of Roumelia and her Lady-in-Waiting, the Comtesse Helène Rondell. We have been given to understand that you escorted the ladies over the border, or, in other words, that you rescued them from the castle in which they had been confined. Are we correct in our information?”

John was both astonished and chagrined. Who on earth had spread the news? It never occurred to him that any publicity would follow his adventure. Confound these newspaper fellows! However, he knew the class well from past experience and also that it would be better if he told them the facts himself rather

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