Under the Big Dipper

papers so that they would leave the rest alone.

“Well, gentlemen, if you will have it, here it is—all I know. My friend, Count Rondell, shortly after I arrived in Italy on my return from Egypt, asked me to assist him in getting his daughter to him. He gave me full instructions, provided me with the necessary guides and equipment and led me to a place close to the Roumelian border where we remained in hiding. When all was ready, one stormy night, we entered a small town,—you will pardon me if I do not give its name—and took the ladies away in a closed carriage. The ladies had been prepared for our arrival, so that there was little or no delay. We managed to elude the officials and guards and, after crossing the border, arrived at a railway station where we took the train for Vienna. The rest you seem to know.”

“Were you acquainted with the ladies before you undertook to assist Count Rondell?”

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